Welcome to Falun 2027!

Today is the release of the new website where we will present the Falun 2027 bid in and easy and informative way. 

The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships has been held four times before in Falun, all four times with Lugnet as venue. 2027 we want to host the championships again and we are looking forward welcoming you all to Falun 2027!

We think that it is important that everyone can follow our ongoing work with the bid. With this new website we hope to give everyone the possibility to join our journey. Our aim is to create a great interest for the Falun 2027 bid.

On the new website you will find the latest news and other useful information. You will fins contact details to the Falun 2027 Candidate Managers and other important links.

If you have any questions regarding the bid or about Falun and Lugnet venue, please contact us and we will give you the answer.

We are very proud of Falun’s long history as an organizer hosting the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1954, 1974, 1993 and 2015. Therefore, the website also includes a historical flashback with text and photos.