Vasaloppet celebrates 100th anniversary

On Sunday it’s time for the start of the 98th Vasaloppet – 100 years after the first race in 1922. Vasaloppet is fully booked, which means 15 800 registered participants. Vasaloppet is an important symbol for Dalarna´s great tradition in organizing big international sport events.

In Falun we are a proud host of the World Championships 1954, 1974, 1993 and 2015. Dalarna´s tradition in organizing big winter sport events started much earlier; 100 years ago, when the first Vasaloppet between Sälen and Mora in the northern Dalarna was held in 1922. A lot has happened since then and today it is a whole week with different races attracting skiers from the whole ski world.

Vasaloppet on Sunday is the final race; a 90 km long ski experience broadcasted live on tv with some of the best skiers in the world together with thousands of exercisers.

A few weeks ago, a special edition of Vasaloppet was held, with skiers skiing in clothes and equipment typical 100 years ago. Some famous skiers participated, among these the old Swedish national team member Anders Södergren, who made his final race in the national team at the final 50 km race in Falun 2015.

Marit Björgen is one of many interesting names in Vasaloppet on Sunday. Björgen won two gold medals in Falun 2015.