”Together we will create a World Ski Championships to be proud of”

For the local business sector, a World Ski Championships is so much more than just the competitions. Major events create commitment, pride and community. They put Falun on the map and give the local business sector a unique possibility to be involved and visible.
– Together we will create a World Ski Championships to be proud of, leaving the smallest possible climate footprint and support long lasting initiatives, says Kristin Forsberg, head of communication Falu Energi & Vatten.

For the local business major events generate so much more than positive tourist economic effects: They bring people to the city and the region, they generate jobs and attract competence and not least major events contribute to development that can benefit the local business a lot. The local business community Beyond Skiing shows a great support with more than 125 partners supporting Falun 2027.

Sustainability is one area the Falun 2027 candidacy is proud of and where it is possible to make a real difference. Sustainability is equally important for the local business network Beyond Skiing’s partners and towards the World Ski Championships in Falun this will be an important area for collaborations.
– Sustainability for us is about long-term work. We want to contribute to building the society and think beyond with responsibility. We support the Falun 2027 candidacy and share its’ values, says Kristin Forsberg, Falu Energi & Vatten.

As the first World Ski Championships, Falun 2015 was ISO-certified as a sustainable event. For us sustainability is a natural and obvious part of the event and leaving the smallest possible footprint is in focus in all areas. Falun 2027 will of course also be ISO-certified as a sustainable event and again we have the vision of being the most sustainably and environmentally friendly World Ski Championships ever.

A World Ski Championships in Falun will involve and include within all areas. Discussions about cooperation with other international sport events are ongoing. The Falun 2027 candidacy has the ambition to open up for smaller arenas and communities to ensure good possibilities for experience sharing. For one of the local business network Beyond Skiing’s main partners CTEK all work is permeated by sustainability.
– For us it is important that sustainability has the highest priority in the work towards a new World Ski Championships in Falun. In our business sustainability has been a natural part in all areas, from product development to governance equality, acceptance and transparency. We include all our stakeholders in this important work, ESG, says Lars Svensson, Corporate Governance Manager CTEK.
ESG means Environmental, Social and Governance

Falun2027´s actions in sustainability subjects will be characterized by:
• Commitment
• High competence
• Credibility
• Responsibility