The World Championship company, Skid-VM i Falun 2027 AB, has started its work

The World Championships company Skid-VM i Falun 2027 AB is now registered and the board’s work towards a new World Ski Championships in Falun has started. The board members met for the first time in connection to the visit of the International Ski Federation, FIS’ in Falun this week.

Skid-VM i Falun 2027 AB is owned to 45% by the Swedish Ski Association, 45% by Falun Municipality and 10% by Föreningen Svenska Skidspelen. Föreningen Svenska Skidspelen is an association with 12 ski clubs from Falun and Borlänge. The ownership is represented in the board:

Board Members

  • Roza Güclü Hedin, Chair of the board, Falu Municipality
  • Eva-Lena Frick, Vice-Chair, Swedish Ski Association
  • Susanne Martinsson, Falu Municipality
  • Pernilla Bonde, Swedish Ski Association
  • Henrik Jalkenäs, Föreningen Svenska Skidspelen


  • Jan E Fors, Falu Municipality
  • Jonas Åsenius, Falu Municipality
  • Johan Gräfnings, Swedish Ski Association
  • Lars Öberg, Swedish Ski Association
  • Mårten Sahlin, Föreningen Svenska Skidspelen

The company’s mission is to “plan, prepare and implement the Nordic World Ski Championships 2027, and if relevant also other ski events and other events with connection to the World Ski Championships”.

With three years left until 2027, can you describe your upcoming work the nearest future?
– We will focus on onboarding and to get to know each other. We need to be informed about the project leaders’ work so far and also the expectations of the board. We need to start discuss organization, role distribution and create both a short-term and a long-term plan for our work, says Roza Güclü Hedin, Chair of the board.

What is important to focus on initially?
– It is now very important for us to learn and share experiences and take part of what has been done until now.It is necessary for us to both look forward and use the existing experience in our work. We need to agree on a plan for our work the upcoming year and we also need to start working towards our goals in the short-term plan. We also need to have a plan for keeping the energy and good spirit all the way towards a new fantastic World Ski Championships, says Roza Güclü Hedin.