The 70th edition of Svenska Skidspelen at Lugnet

The opening ceremony of the 70th edition of Svenska Skidspelen will be held tonight on the Main Square in Falun. During the FIS World Cup Final two new competition formats will be presented, a Mixed Relay 4 x 5 km and a Mixed Team Sprint.

For athletes, spectators and volunteers an intense weekend is coming up on Lugnet. The opening distance on Friday the 11th of March is a classic Sprint followed by 10 km and 15 km free style with interval start on Saturday. These formats are well known, but on Sunday we will see a very exciting premiere of two new Relay formats, both with a mix of women and men. It is a historical moment and the first time in the FIS cross country World Cup history a mixed relay will be held. Both Svenska Skidspelen and Falun are proud to present these new formats here in Falun.

The Mixed Relay is 4 x 5 km with woman-man-man-woman skiing.

The following Mixed Sprint Relay will have a qualification where the 20 best teams will qualify for the final. In that final the two athletes will alternately ski six laps each. Women will start followed by men and the last two teams will be eliminated after lap two, four, six, eight and ten.

Svenska Skidspelen is very important for Lugnet and for Falun 2027. Many of the volunteers at Svenska Skidspelen have also been volunteers on previous World Championships in Falun.

Falun 2027 wish all athletes and volunteers good luck during the weekend!