Succesful meeting with FIS Inspection Group

The work towards a FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun 2027 continues. A first candidate meeting with the International Ski Federation – FIS Inspection Group has been held.

-It was a fruitful meeting. The FIS declared a strong confidence in Falun as organizing city, but they also request progress, says Sara Tigerström Monfelt, Candidate Manager at Falun Municipality.

In the beginning of September, the Swedish Ski Association and Falun Municipality submitted the answers of the very detailed questionnaire – FIS World Championship Questionnaire – with 20 different key areas.

On the 29th of September a digital meeting with the FIS Inspection Group was held.

Representatives of the Falun 2027 candidacy was the two Candidate Managers Ulrika Back Eriksson, the Swedish Ski Association and och Sara Tigerström Monfelt, Falun Municipality, Tomas Jons, Head of Sports Falun Municipality, Ludvig Remb, National Race coordinator Swedish Ski Association and Daniel Asplund, Product Manager Falun Energy and Water.

-As a candidate for a FIS World Ski Championships we have an Inspection Group from the FIS following our process and advising different areas. At the meeting we had the possibility to present our visions with Falun 2027, says Sara Tigerström Monfelt.

At the meeting the FIS declared confidence in Falun as candidate, but they also hade questions based on the questionnaire and asked for some completions.

-The development within Swedish Ski Jumping was a question raised at the meeting. Another question was about the small hills at Lugnet. In addition, they asked about snow production and possibility and intention for snow storage, says Ulrika Back Eriksson, Candidate Manager at the Swedish Ski Association, and continues. -We will complete our answers before the 15th of November.

Another question during the meeting was about Falun as host for a Junior World Ski Championships. As host for a FIS World Ski Championships you are committed to host a Junior World Championships.

-Noting is decided about when the Junior World Championships will be held. We are discussing the best timing of it before or after the World Championships, says Ulrika Back Eriksson.