One month left until the decision about World Ski Championship 2027

Today it is exactly one month left until the FIS Council will announce World Championships organizers and we are confident in our bid and believe that Falun will be announced as organizer for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2027.
– We have always had the ambition to be selected as the best candidacy and not because we are the only one, says Ulrika Back Eriksson candidate manager Falun 2027.

When the Swedish Ski Association and Falu Kommun one year ago applied for the World Ski Championships 2027 it was also announced that Falun was the only bid for 2027. The application process had to follow FIS protocol although Falun was the only candidate. During the last year the Falun 2027 candidacy has been working with defining and presenting its´ strengths, meetings with FIS inspection group have been held and FIS Questionnaire has been answered.

The decision about the World Championships 2026 (Ski-Flying) and 2027 (Freeski, Snowboard, Alpine and Nordic) will be taken and announced by FIS Council on the 25th of May. Previous years these decisions have been taken during the week-long FIS congress. This year will be different and the Falun 2027 candidacy has just been informed about this year´s concept: It will be a FIS Council meeting with only two representatives from each candidacy on site. The presentation will only be a video and therefore the Falun 2027 candidacy is working intensively with the video concept.
– We have to redirect and are now in a creative phase planning how to present our candidacy in a video, says Sara Tigerström Monfelt, candidate manager Falun 2027.

The candidacies´ participation during the FIS congress was discussed already during FIS autumn meeting and it was clear that the previous concept would change. FIS and all candidacies then decided to skip the traditional exhibition where all candidates had the possibility to present its’ concept in a showcase.
– The Falun 2027 candidate managers are happy for being part of this change and the new way of look at the presentations. The discussion started due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty regarding physical meetings. Presenting the candidacy in a showcase is expensive and requires transports. We are happy for being able to contribute to a more sustainable solution, says Sara Tigerström Monfelt.
– A digital presentation gives us a great opportunity to share the decision about World Ski Championships 2027 with everyone, says Ulrika Back Eriksson.
The candidacy has noticed a big interest for this happening and is planning for an event on the Main Square in Falun on the afternoon on the 25th of May where the audience can follow the decision digitally.