Lots of activities at Lugnet venue

Lugnet venue has been really busy the weeks after the FIS World Cup Final and Svenska Skidspelen. One of the biggest youth competitions in cross country skiing in Sweden, Lilla Skidspelen, and an inspiring jumping session in the youth jumping hills are two of many events for children and youth on Lugnet the past weeks.

Lugnet venue has been busy since Svenska Skidspelen was held on the 10-14th of March. The weekend after Lugnet was crowded with youth cross-country skiers when Lilla Skidspelen was held with 800 participants. Some days before that the youth jumping hills were busy when the local ski jumping club Holmens IF had its´ final happening for the season. Many children and youngsters came to try ski jumping this evening. During daytime a local school tried cross-country skiing through the projects Snow for everyone.

These are only a few examples of events being held for children and youth on Lugnet the past weeks. This weekend young swimmers will come to Lugnet for Falu Skins Games (300 participants and approximately 2300 starts). Also figure skaters will be seen in Falun when the Swedish Championships in figure skating will be arranged in Borlänge with Lugnet as training venue.

On Lugnet preparations for the coming winter has already started. Snow production and snow storage has been in focus for a couple of months. This to enable an early premiere for skiers and for the early World Cup races in cross country skiing in December 2022.