International Ski Jumping Competitions at Lugnet

More than 70 competitors from 10 nations will visit Falun and Lugnet for Västanhede Intercontinental Cup and Västanhede FIS Cup on the 6th and 7th of January. The competitions are so called test events for the World Ski Championships 2027 with the two purposes; building and educating an organization and using the venue for high level competitions.

One part of the preparations for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2027 is to host several test events n in the three sports: Ski Jumping, Nordic Combine and Cross-Country Skiing. Falu Municipality has for several years enabled good training possibilities for international ski jumpers in the normal hill on Lugnet. The venue has also hosted competitions such as Norwegian Cup and FIS Cup. Now it is time for the Västanhede Intercontinental Cup (ladies) and Västanhede FIS Cup (men) and the preparations are in full swing, both for the competition organization and in the normal hill at Lugnet.

Svenska Skidspelen is the organizer and the 40 volunteers are representing different clubs.
– We aim to build a good organization and we use both former ski jumpers and new local volunteers, says Anders Lind, race director for the competitions on the 6th and 7th of January.

The normal hill at Lugnet is now being prepared according to the requirements set by the International Ski Federation, FIS, regarding the quality of ice in the track and snow in the landing. It is clearly defined how this should be and for example for the landing you have a margin of less than 10 cm to stay within and both precipitation and heat affect the snow depth.

Falu Municipality makes the ground preparation and the competition organization is responsible for the final preparations on the competition days.
– We have 10 volunteers on skis preparing the landing before the competition, says Anders Lind.

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