With skiing in our heart and DNA

Sports and culture are main parts of Falun´s heart and identity. FIS Nordic World Ski Championships has previously been arranged in Falun four times. On each of these occasions with the ambition to deliver something new that would change the event and how the world looks at the sport. By arranging another groundbreaking event in Falun we will again contribute and develop the sport, the municipality and the region.
Together we will make a change for us and future generations!



This was the year that put Falun on the map as a winter sports resort and strong organiser, not only in Sweden, but around the world. A record was set during the premiere day - 50 000 spectators!


The championship that strongly contributed to the Lugnet venue, one of northern Europe´s fines sport facilities.


An FIS Nordic World Ski Championships with a festive setting! The atmosphere with music, flags, claques and impressive speaker efforts contributed significantly to the norm of future major ski events.


A groundbreaking championship in Falun! Digital experiences, meeting places, ISO certification as a sustainable event and an unforgettable folk festival. Falun2015 delivered beyond all expectations!