Frida Westman:” My dream is to stand on top of the podium in Falun in front of a big crowd and with a nice atmosphere”

We are pleased to have a young Swedish Ski Jumper as ambassador for Falun 2027. The 21-year-old Ski Jumper Frida Westman has made a big impression in her debut World Cup season with two 4th places as top results. She was also the first Swedish female Ski Jumper at the Olympics where she ended up in 16th position.
– It means a lot for the sport and for future athletes to have a World Championships on home ground to look forward to. I believe it would generate interest in Sweden and make Ski Jumping more attractive, says Frida Westman.
Frida was jumping in Falun at Lugnet during the FIS Cup in the beginning of the past season, but her best memory from Falun is from 2015.
– I was watching the men´s competition at the World Championships in 2015. I remember the good atmosphere; the music and I was thinking about myself taking part one day.
How is it to jump in Falun?
– It is a good training hill and the early snow is great, she says.
Describe your goals and visions?
– My big goals are to win the Olympics 2026 and the overall World Cup. And I am dreaming about standing on top of the podium in Falun front of a big crowd and with a nice atmosphere.
Another dream she has is to make the Ski Jumping grow in Sweden.
– I hope I can inspire others to start with Ski Jumping. When I was younger, I was motivated by other successful athletes. If I succeed maybe I will inspire others.
She hopes Ski Jumping has grown in Sweden until 2027 and that many spectators are interested.
– It will probably take a while until Ski Jumping is as big as Cross-Country Skiing is in Sweden, but I hope it is natural for the Swedish spectators on-site to follow and watch the Ski Jumping competitions.
Frida hope that a World Championships in Falun 2027 will contribute to the development of the Jumping Hills at Lugnet and that the big jumping hill can be used more both before and after 2027.
– Frida is an amazing role model for younger Ski Jumpers in Sweden. Her approach, power and ambition to reach the absolute top level of Ski Jumping is admirable. Her clear focus, her insistence and her ability to search great training conditions are some of the impressive strengths behind her success the past season, says Ulrika Back Eriksson, candidate manager Falun 2027.