Falun 2027 – next level of digital experiences

We are proud of the fact that all previous World Championships held in Falun have delivered new and unique experiences for the athletes, the spectators and the TV viewers. The spectator record 1954, the atmosphere 1993 with impressive speaker efforts and the ISO certification of a sustainable event 2015 are some examples of that.

– In Falun we think outside the box and we ensure a world class event that creates engagement, experiences, and a leap towards the future. On the journey towards 2027 we want to cooperate with innovative companies and together present an extraordinary experience, says Sara Tigerström Monfelt, candidate manager Falun 2027.

The Beyond Skiing partner from Falun, Tension, develops applications, creates networks and is working with technique and IT with strong focus on gamification.
– A new World Ski Championships will bring spotlight on Falun and a possibility to create something extraordinary to ensure next level of digital experiences, says Magnus Björkman, CEO Tension.

Tension was a big part of the digital experience at Falun 2015 with the pioneering app Falun2015 Live Arena.
We can only speculate about the next level of experience 2027. Tension believe that next level of experience will be about individual spectator possibilities that attract the young audience as many of today´s successful On Demand platforms.

– The individual experience should be in focus, which means that the audience can control the experience, exactly as it is within gaming. It enables you to set your own rules and play the way you want when you want to do it. This is Tension´s focus within innovations and it could be a possible way to present a new unique experience of a World Ski Championships 2027, says Magnus Björkman.

Tools as augmented reality (AR), 3D-environments, interactive experiences and unique material from behind the scene of the arena are a selection of possible solutions. The TV viewers could get the feeling of being on site with patented technique within live streaming, with multiple cameras, automatic camera tracking, dynamic sponsors and live results. Everything adapted for all platforms and for a virtual reality (VR) experience.
– We are working with industries, companies and organizations that are able to think outside the box and want to use new technique to strengthen their trademarks, says Magnus Björkman.

– We are proud to have a company as Tension in Falun and Dalarna and are thankful for having them in the business network Beyond Skiing supporting the Falun 2027 candidacy, says Sara Tigerström Monfelt.