Everything is close in the World Heritage City of Falun

The city center of Falun is a vibrant place, a cosy area with cafés and restaurants. The culture is always present and you find a mix of small boutiques and bigger malls. You feel the history of Falun and the big square, the wood districts and the churches are included in the World Heritage.

Falun was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001. The city of Falun has a long history and the Falun Copper Mine with the surrounding landscape, is a unique memory of Sweden´s earliest history as an industrial nation. It was one of the world’s most important areas for mining and metal production, especially during the 17th century when 70 percent of all copper in Europe came from Falun. Mining came to an end in the closing years of the 20th century. The technical, political, and social development contributed to the shaping of today’s Swedish industrial society.

A vibrant city center
Today’s spirit for innovations derived from the history and the city of Falun is today a great mix of the historical and the modern. A lot of work has been done to make a vibrant city center, and it is close from everywhere in Falun. The event city of Falun is hosting many major events, both on Lugnet, in the city center and in other parts of the city. All activities, experiences and tourist destinations are close in Falun. Falun has all typical city possibilities with shopping, food, hotels and entertainment and it can easily be combined with outdoor activities, culture and sports. Falun is the ultimate event city where it is close to everything, it is walking distance from the city center to Lugnet and to Falu Copper Mine.
– The city center of Falun is ours, together we create the soul in it. Engagement is important and generate the vibrant atmosphere in Falun, our living room – a really cozy one, says Lasse Westin, Centrala Stadsrum Falun, an association working with development of urban spaces in central Falun.
The very appreciated Snow Park in central Falun was an initiative by Centrala Stadsrum.

We are also close to our visitors by being thoughtful and sharing the knowledge about our city. Together we are proud ambassadors for Falun and the great conditions we have.