Charlotte Kalla: ”The sound along the course is indescribable”

We are very proud of the fact that Charlotte Kalla is ambassador for Falun 2027. She is one of the greatest Swedish athletes of all times, an amazing role model and represent everything the Falun 2027 candidacy stands for.
– I know how much it means to have a World Championships on home ground to look forward to and I hope it would give the Swedish athletes extra motivation and a push to work hard for, says Charlotte Kalla.

Charlotte Kalla has won incredible nine Olympic medals and is together with the Cross Country Skier Sixten Jernberg and the sport shooter Alfred Swahn the Swedish athlete with most medals. Add her 13 World Championships medals, among these four from Falun 2015. Everyone in Falun remember her performance 2015 when her successful championship was crowned by the gold on 10 kilometer.

– The whole championships 2015 and all the success are my greatest memories from Falun. I specifically remember the prize giving ceremony after my victory on 10 kilometer and the atmosphere on the main square in Falun. SVT and NRK had a shared tv studio on the square with a glass wall with the crowd on the square in the background. It was really cool, says Charlotte Kalla.

Charlotte Kalla was ambassador already for the 2015 bid and she had an important role in the team representing Falun before the decision was made by the FIS back then.
– We are very happy to have Charlotte as ambassador also for Falun 2027. She will always have a special place in the our ski-hearts, says Sara Tigerström Monfelt, candidate manager Falun 2027.

What do you like most with Falun as a World Championships city?
– The fact that it is close to everything. As an athlete it is amazing when everything is within walking distance. You get a feeling of the atmosphere already at the hotel in the morning when you can see the spectators arriving the arena.
It is also very close to central Falun and you reach the city center where the ceremonies are held with a short walk from Lugnet. That makes it very easy to celebrate and also be able to prepare for the coming races.

What does it mean to have a World Championships on home ground to prepare for and look forward to?
– It means a lot. For me I don´t think my success at the Olympics in Sochi 2014 (one gold and two silver medals) would have been as good if it wasn´t for my Falun 2015 preparations. Five years is an eternity for an athlete but I hope today´s athletes will get extra motivation with a long-term goal to look forward to. You have the possibility to improve a lot during five years and for me a dream came true 2015. That I had taken the steps I wanted and improved especially my classical technique were incredibly big.

What do you think about Lugnet Venue?
– It is a special arena and it has a bit of everything. The stadium is huge and open, and with the big crowd it always offers a great atmosphere, and you really feel the support from the spectators there. In Mördarbacken it is really close and an intimate contact with the spectators. The sound along the course there is indescribable.

Do you have any favorite part of the course?
– Mördarbacken is something special! You really need to economize with your power to be able to have speed all the way up and it is a really cool feeling having the spectators so close.

Charlotte Kalla has done her last race up for Mördarbacken as an athlete as the past season was her last as national team member. She now wants to contribute to a new World Championships in Falun from the other side.
– Maybe my contribution will be in making awareness and attracting specators. There is also much to do when it comes to other activities in conjunction to the championships. I am interested in creating sustainable events. Imagine if we could transport people from Stockholm by a special World Championships train for example, says Charlotte Kalla.

Finally, what are you doing right now?
– I try to enjoy the spring and the freedom the days without a scheduled training session means.